Bakoyma USA Tour 2015

USA 2015

My plans escalated quickly. I went from checking the budget to booking all my tickets in a few, short weeks. The trip’s all planned now and all that’s missing are some of the hostels I’ll be staying at, they are not fully booked yet. Read More

Big plans, starting in the Big Apple


I am planning a trip to the States next year, my next, big adventure. Read More

Paris (je t’aime, and all that)

Pont Alexandre 3

It’s so hard to find pictures of Paris, to write about Paris or to even talk about Paris without everything looking or sounding like a complete cliché. Read More

Just around the bend…


“Make a u-turn as soon as possible.”
- my GPS

While moving from one place to another, every so often (which is to day, almost every day), I see something so stunningly beautiful I have to stop or turn and go back. Read More


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