Here’s what’s up, people: When I started using AirBnB I signed up through a friend of mine. This meant I got a discount and he got some money in his account to spend on AirBnB. There are no sinister strings attached (NOTE: your first trip must cost 625 kr / $75, but then you can spend your $25 discount on that deal, so win-win).

As AirBnB themselves put it: “Introduce a friend to Airbnb. They’ll get 208 kr NOK in travel credit when they sign up, and you’ll get 150 kr NOK in travel credit once they complete a trip. Only for new Airbnb guests!”

Basically you get $25 and I get $18 to spend on accommodation through AirBnB.

So IF you don’t already have an AirBnB account and you’re thinking about registering, please sign up through my link:
(or use the big, shiny button under here) ->

Read the terms and conditions here, they are actually quite short and sweet.