The Garden Route, South Africa

“The Garden Route blows”

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Cape Town

“Slow down. It’s Cape Town”
Cape Town road sign

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Vic Falls to Cape Town: Overland travel in Africa

Anne Karen in the truck

“Being sober on a bus is, like… totally different than being drunk on a bus…”
Ozzy Osbourne

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I have no fear, for I walk with lions…

…And make toys made of elephant poo for them… And shovel their poop into bags to clean their enclosures… And wash their water trays… Yeah, it’s just like a relationship, the magic fades after you scoop your partner’s shit…

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Touchnote – send postcards from your phone


A friend of mine introduced me to Touchnote by sending me a postcard showing a beer can next to the ugliest, dead fish I’ve ever seen. Obviously I put it on my fridge to show it off. I then researched Touchnote a bit, tried it out over Christmas and here I am recommending it… Read More

Most popular tourist attractions by country


Click the picture to see which tourist attraction is the most popular one for each country

This is the kind of silly stuff I find fun. Forgive me 😉
Found this on Mental Floss, original article is here.


What the h*ll did I just do?

“Coming out of your comfort zone is tough in the beginning, chaotic in the middle, and awesome in the end…because in the end, it shows you a whole new world.”
Manoj Arora

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Vatican City

The Vatican

“When Michelangelo finished the painting of the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling, he spent the rest of his life trying to remove the paint that had poured into his sleeve.”
Francois Cavanna

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Alnwick & Edinburgh :: Annual trip with La Familia


“I literally couldn’t find a single quote online containing Alnwick”

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Paris: The city of ballgags, Napoleon and crêpe

“Paris is the only city in the world where starving to death is still considered an art.”
Carlos Ruiz Zafón

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