Travel Resources

Helpful travel apps I like

Touchnote – What I like to call “Analogue MMS” 😉 Send actual, physical postcards rom your phone. See my blog post about it here.

Search for flights

SkyScanner – Flight search site I use
GoToGate – Flight search site I use (Norwegian)
JetRadar – Flight search site
Kayak Explore – Flight search

Search for accommodation – Find hostels arranged by country/city
– Travellers review/rate hotels/restaurants/activities etc. I’m on here and I use it before every trip.
Couchsurfing – I’ve had only great experiences with this site and its community, not just for places to sleep, but meeting for coffee etc. Be sure to check peoples reviews though.
Nomador – House-sitting, accommodation for watching pets

Travel Insurance

World Nomads – Easily navigated site that lets you plot where you want to go, for how long etc, and gives you a quote. Usually “Standard” or “Explorer”. They were quite a bit cheaper than the Norwegian insurance companies I found and cover most of what you will need. I have now confirmed that you can also buy insurance from them even if you’ve already left your country of origin.

Blogs I like

Green Global Travel (Mary & Brett)
GQTrippin (Kieu & Gerard)
CuriousXplorers (Claire & Daniel)
Expert Vagabond (Matt)
The Broke Backpacker (Will)
Mapping Megan (Megan)
Getting Stamped (Hannah & Adam)


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