Summary :: Barcelona

I’d love to be popular in Barcelona. That sounds like a fun job. Bobby Heenan

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Barcelona :: From Gaudi to Graffiti

“Barcelona” – D.Kay & Epsilon On our last day in Barcelona La Sagrada Familia was at the top of our list. We had bought tickets online the day before and found out that the signs for “Caixa” that we’d seen 600.000 of while walking around the city were the very machines where we could get […]

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Barcelona :: Casa Batlló – “The Wave of Creation… or a woman’s breast.”

“Barcelonaaaa!” – Paperboys Last day in Barcelona and my feet were planning my imminent demise… I could hear them whispering in my light ballerina shoes, that had only the barest hint of padding… “Going to La Sagraaaada Familia, eh? Yes… Yes… very tall building… Oh, going to the tower! Would be such a shame if […]

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Barcelona :: Where mosaic goes to die

Casa Batllo Mosaics

“BARCELONAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” – Freddie Mercury We started out well, even though it was fairly early and I am by no means a morning person. I’d packed my little, red bag and felt pretty good about having packed so light. No, this is not a build up to how much I’d regret that decision, I had everything […]

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Barcelona :: Packing

While I was packing for Dublin I said I loved travelling in the summertime because it enables light packing. This time I’m going to Barcelona for a weekend and I decided to try packing as little as I possibly could. This is what my luggage looks like this time: Inventory: Underwear, 1 per day 1 […]

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