Malaysia :: Bako National Park

“You have to go there.”
-Terje, showing me there’s a park with my name on it

For my birthday one year, Terje posted a picture of a sign from “Bako National Park” and told me I definitely had to go see it on my trip around the world.

Well, one has to inspect ones lands, I guess.

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LA: Hollywood & Vine

I just had 1,5 days in LA and they went by quickly. I managed to see Hollywood Boulevard with the stars and everything (cause I was LIVING there, might have chosen Banana Bungalow for that particular reason) and I did check out “No Vacancy” on my first night. Continue reading

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing for dummies

“Best one day walk in New Zealand”
– Lonely Planet

I’m already struggling with this post because it hasn’t hit me with full force yet. I actually did the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. 19,4 km and I can’t even remember the climb rate on the track (but the steepest climb was actually the most fun and brought the most reward). Oh, wait, found it in the brochure. Highest point is Red Crater, 1900m, woop! Continue reading