Miami: Lock & Load!

This day we got to cross Lock & Load off our list of things to do. It was awesome! I’ve never shot with anything bigger than a handgun before and I got to spend a portion of my day tearing up targets with stuff that goes boomboom very fast and very loud. Advertisements

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Miami: The Everglades and the Gatorades

My second day in Miami we checked out of our hostel and went to pick up our rental before heading to the Everglades (and then Key West).

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Miami: Lights, camera, chillout…

Miami… Where do I start? It’s been absolutely awesome. What I’ve seen of this city is exactly the way I pictured it.

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Bakoyma USA Tour 2015

USA 2015

My plans escalated quickly. I went from checking the budget to booking all my tickets in a few, short weeks. The trip’s all planned now and all that’s missing are some of the hostels I’ll be staying at, they are not fully booked yet.

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