New York: Central Park

Central Park, a place to see squirrels up close and Chewbacca & Spiderman have a conversation. As a friend of mine said: “With great power comes great responsibility” “Wraaaawrrrrrroooogh!” Advertisements

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New York: St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Ok, so both my “unscheduled stops” in New York where churches. Not surprised by that, I have an affinity for religious buildings despite my lack of faith.

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New York: Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station is a must-see if you like architecture. That’s all there is to it.

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New York: Every cop show is a documentary

Ok, so two things have become clear to me after spending time in New York. 1) Every cop show and movie I ever saw set in NYC is a documentary, and 2) I am the most brightly clothed person in the city.

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Bakoyma USA Tour 2015

USA 2015

My plans escalated quickly. I went from checking the budget to booking all my tickets in a few, short weeks. The trip’s all planned now and all that’s missing are some of the hostels I’ll be staying at, they are not fully booked yet.

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